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Five Best Apps for First-Time Pet Owners

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Owning your first dog as an adult is an exciting experience. There is so much to learn. Even if you had a dog as a child, you are never quite ready for all the emotional and financial ups and downs of pet ownership.

From house training, daily walks, and vet visits, there is almost as much to worry about with a pet as with a child. It isn't always easy. Fortunately, there are a lot of inexpensive and easy tips to help first-time dog owners enrich the lives of themselves and their pets.

They say there is an app for everything, and pet ownership is no different. There are myriad apps for smartphones and tablets that help with all the hard parts of dog ownership. The best one for you will depend on what your needs are and your app preferences. There is no rule saying you can use just one. Mix and match to get the features you need.


Everyone knows chocolate is bad for your dog but did you know many houseplants can harm your pet too? All pet owners wonder at one time or another if a food is good to feed their dog. Puptox is a toxicity reference for your dog. Just look up any food you have a question about, and you'll find information on how it affects your dog. It's even Alexa enabled.


You can know every move your dog makes with the Whistle dog tracking app. Be alerted when it leaves a designated safe space, and get real-time info on how much exercise and food it's taking in. Whistle also lets you track vet visits, vaccinations, and other milestones.


Puppr is a super-popular new app that includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help you train your dog. The lessons cover everything from basic obedience like “sit” to advanced tricks like “skateboard.” 


The Chewy pet app puts all the best pet brands at your fingertips. You can easily research your favorite brands and find new ones to try. Everything is auto shipped right to your door. Check out the daily deals for special savings and talk with other dog owners in the pet community.


This dog tracking app makes a lot of dog ownership easier. It has the added benefit of tracking your health right along with your pet's. It attaches to your dog's collar and monitors exercise, food intake, sleep, and calories burned. The fun part is it connects to your Fitbit or fitness device so you can take your health journey together.

An important thing to remember when choosing a pet app is the smartphone you are using. You'll need a phone that is up to date, and durable, with long battery life. Choose settings that are easy to read on the go. Hands-free settings can be a big help when you're out with FIdo. 

Some apps may not be available on all phones. You may find one only available for iPhones or Android, for example. Double-check that the app you want is compatible with your phone. 

There is so much joy in owning a dog. Adding the use of a pet app can make it even more fun as well as easing the struggles.


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