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Pets and the Holidays: Protect Your Best Friend from Holiday Hazards

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The holiday season is a lot of fun for humans, but for household pets, it can often be dangerous. If you have cats, dogs, and other pets in your house, you need to protect them from these holiday hazards. 

You can still enjoy all the great things the holiday season has to offer, from delicious food to colorful decorations. Just think about your pets while you are enjoying those holiday festivities, so you and your four-legged best friend can have a great time. Here are some pet-related hazards to watch out for in the run-up to the holiday season.

Holiday Ornaments

The brightly lit and carefully decorated Christmas tree is a staple of the holiday season, but it can pose dangers to your pets. Cats love to climb, and the mere presence of an indoor tree could give them some dangerous ideas. From sudden falls to the risk of electrocution, Christmas tree hazards are everywhere this time of year.

You can protect your pets and your home by anchoring the Christmas tree in place. This simple step can reduce the risk of falls and other hazards. You can also avoid the use of breakable Christmas ornaments, whose shards could puncture tiny paws or stick in canine or feline throats. And be sure to check your electrical cords regularly for signs of damage, including that inflicted by cat or dog teeth.

Poisonous Plants

From the mistletoe hanging in a doorway to the poinsettia on the table, holiday plants are an integral part of the season, but some plants can be harmful to your pets. Before you bring in the greenery, do your homework and keep potential hazards away from household pets.

Different plants are dangerous to different animals, so ask your vet for a list and avoid what is on it. If your pets do ingest a potentially poisonous plant, contact your veterinarian right away, as prompt treatment could mean the difference between life and death.

Candle Flames

Candles are another wonderful part of the holiday season and another potential hazard for your pets. Curious cats and dogs could knock those flickering candles over, sending flames through your home and putting the lives of the inhabitants at risk.

Whether you have pets or not, you should never leave burning candles unattended. If you want to avoid the risk entirely, you can replace your real candles with flameless ones. These flameless candles are very realistic, so no one needs to know they are not real. 

Culinary No-Nos

There will be plenty of feasting during the holiday season, and plenty of begging at the holiday table. It can be hard to resist those big wet eyes, but handing over those table scraps is not always a wise move.

Some people-friendly foods can be deadly to pets, including chocolate and other sweet treats. So before you serve up your holiday feast, ask your vet which foods could be bad for your pets. 

Pets and Alcohol

The alcohol will be flowing during the holiday season, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few adult beverages. But before you indulge, make sure your pets are safely out of the way. Even a small sip of alcohol could be harmful to cats and dogs, so cover those glasses or keep them out of reach.

If you are hosting a holiday party where alcohol will be served, it may be best to keep the pets in a separate part of the house. You will have enough on your plate without guarding the glasses from your curious fur babies.

An Increased Risk of Escape

There will be lots of visitors during the holiday season, and every time that door opens your pets have a chance to escape. Keeping the household pets indoors where they are safe can be harder this time of year, so use extra vigilance to prevent dangerous escapes.

If you know when your holiday visitors will be arriving, take a few minutes to put your pets away. You can always let them out to mingle after your guests are sitting down and the door is safely closed.

As a concerned pet owner, you want to protect your four-legged family members from danger, and that includes the hazards of the holiday season. The tips listed above can help you protect your fur babies, so they, and you, can have a happy and safe holiday.

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