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Stay Calm, For Your Pet's Sake

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Did you know that a life crisis can actually cause a life-threatening situation for your pet? When chaos strikes, whether from outside sources beyond your control or from a heated family confrontation, your dog or cat may become a silent victim. Pets read and reflect human energy levels every moment of every day. The result can produce a full-blown health crisis if you are not careful.

Consider the dog who chews her feet nervously. Is the problem rooted in the dog's mind, or is she merely reflecting some negative energy in her home? Dogs and cats often develop nervous habits when their families are suffering. Animals possess instincts that enable them to pick up human vibes, both positive and negative. If you are happy, your pet will sigh in relaxed contentment. If you are crying, your pet may act worried or try to comfort you. If you are stressed, your pet may retreat to a corner and become depressed. Or you may find "accidents" on the floor or chewed furniture. These behaviors are outward manifestations of stress and frustration.

Some pets, especially those of high intelligence or extremely sensitive personalities, may even suffer a health crisis when their owners suddenly begin to produce negative energy. Vomiting and diarrhea are prime examples of these stress-related symptoms. Severe issues like blood in the stool or organ failure can even ensue if the immediate signs of stress are not immediately recognized.  It's up to you as a pet owner to keep a close eye on your pet in times of family crisis. Failure to do so can result in an even bigger crisis - a trip to the veterinary clinic or emergency vet. You may be faced with a life-threatening situation for your pet on top of the current crisis that caused it.

Thankfully, common sense and a sharp eye can prevent your pet from suffering any ill effects in times of crisis. Remember that pets are like mirrors of their owners. They reflect the energy levels within their immediate environments. If stress is affecting you, it is likely affecting your furry family members. Your own techniques for relieving stress will transfer directly to your pets.

With this in mind, find solutions to your daily stress before it compounds. Take regular deep breaths and practice meditation or yoga as your schedule allows. Laugh often! It sounds crazy, but laughter truly is the best medicine. Find some comedic relief to lighten your mood and allow yourself a good chuckle or belly laugh. The stress will roll right off your shoulders! Play with your pets, encouraging them to romp or scamper with exuberance. Carefree play sessions will benefit you, as well. Exercise with your pet, taking long walks or runs on a regular basis. Physical exertion is a great stress-reliever for humans and animals alike.

Finally, keep calm and stay positive. No matter the circumstance, a positive attitude, and a level head goes a long way. Look for small things to be thankful for and focus on those parts of your life when your world comes crashing down. Your pet is looking to you for direction. It may seem cliché', but the phrase "this too will pass" is a great point of focus in times of stress. Look for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and set small goals for powering through your current crisis. Your pet's health and well-being may depend on it.

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